MicroShed Projects

MicroShed Testing

MicroShed Testing offers a fast and simple way of writing and running true-to-production integration tests for Java microservice applications. MicroShed Testing exercises your containerized application from outside the container so you are testing the exact same image that runs in production.

MicroShed Testing aims to:

  1. be easy to get started with
  2. work with any JavaEE or MicroProfile runtime
  3. provide true-to-production tests

MicroShed Boost

Boost includes a Maven and Gradle plugin to make it easier to build your MicroProfile applications.

There are two, separate active Boost projects.

  • Boost Maven Plugin, BOMs, and Boosters (boost-maven)
  • Boost Common Resources (boost-common)
  • with a Boost Gradle project under development.

VS Code MicroProfile Starter Extension

A VS Code extension for the MicroProfile Starter. This extension makes use of the API https://test-start.microprofile.io/api/2.

MicroProfile Starter Plugin for IntelliJ

An IntelliJ IDE plugin for the MicroProfile Starter. This plugin incorporates the MicroProfile Starter REST API available at https://start.microprofile.io/api/ to generate the maven project.

VS Code MicroProfile Rest Client Generator Extension

A MicroProfile VS Code extension that generates a MicroProfile Rest Client interface template from an OpenAPI .yaml file. This extension makes use of the openapi-generator. This extension will generate models and apis folders.